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Whodunit? Who Cares!

Psychos, Red Herrings and Body Counts Galore!

WARNING: Massive Plot-Spoilers with All Killers Revealed!!!


Happy Birthday to Me

When Virginia has another violent flashback, she’s in some kind of lab with her head hooked up to some kind of electrical wang-doodle apparatus. Her father is there, and several doctors mumble something about her damaged brain cells regenerating themselves. Then suddenly, Virginia wakes up and utters just two words: "My birthday?"


Girls Nite Out

As Dawn makes her way home, a twig snaps, some leaves rustle, and the girl slowly realizes she’s being followed. Running into the Student Union, she finds a phone and calls Teddy, who is busy comforting Lynn in her hour of need. When he answers the phone, in between the frantic sobs, Teddy figures out the killer is after Dawn -- then the sobs abruptly stop...


House of Death

After locking up his house Neal heads to the garage for his car, when suddenly, he hears something up in the rafters. When no one answers his call, Neal cautiously heads up the ladder, but when he reaches the top, there is a brief scuffle in the darkness; and then we get a brief glimpse of a bloody machete and the sound of several direct hits...


Evil Laugh

Martin was arrested on child molestation charges but was acquitted at trial. But during the interim, his father hung himself in shame and Martin snapped. Returning to the orphanage, Martin killed all the kids who falsely accused him and then set the place on fire. And since his body was never found, it’s been said that Mad Martin still roams the woods around the house, killing whoever dares come near...


Sleepaway Camp

After they bed down for the night out in the woods, two of the younger campers become frightened and want to go back to the cabin. Eddie -- in not the wisest move, since there’s a killer running loose -- leaves the rest of his charges alone to take the other two back. And after he’s gone, sinister hands quietly grab for the axe...