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Get Your Freaky On

Supernatural Flavor Gets a Dose of Supernatural Funk.


The Thing with Two Heads

Kirshner's head is the first to wake up; and though groggy, he can feel his new and powerful frame. But as his assistant tries to delicately tell him about the hue of his host's body the old bigot is too excited, testing his new arms, until Kirshner sees Big Jack's enormous ebony paw and quickly melts into a rage...



At some point strange guttural noises start emanating from the lab. Seems Eddie's awake, but he has been transformed into Blackenstein! The Black Frankenstein -- or, more appropriately, The Black Frankenstein Monster, who shambles off into the night, like a drunk trying to act sober, grunting like an obscene phone caller. 



Cursed with Dracula's name, Mumawalde, from now on, will be known as Blacula. Not done tormenting him yet, and, being the evil bastard that he is, the Count locks the coffin shut, meaning his latest victim, unable to satiate his need for blood, will spend an eternity in agony -- unless, say, someone lets him back out...


Petey Wheatstraw:

The Devil's Son in Law

Lucifer takes Petey to hell, pours him a drink, and tries to strike a bargain. If Petey will marry his daughter and give him a son, the Devil will grant him the power to gain revenge on those who murdered him. But being Satan, there a catch: seems his daughter fell out of the ugly tree -- and hit every branch on the way down...