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What the Heck is IT?!?

I don't know, but let's find out, shall we?


It Came from Beneath the Sea

Ah, the '50s ... A time when America, still wallowing in the fact that we kicked the collective asses of the Axis in WWII, looked to the future: a grand era of peace, harmony and easy living as we entered the push-button age with everything powered by our little friend the atom. But little did we know what drastic consequences this tapping into Godís domain would wreak upon mankind...


It Came from Hollywood

Back in 1982 a movie came out where a group of comedians showcased some of the oddest things ever committed to film. While they watched, they commented on the insanity playing across the screen. And the most exciting part was, I was finally getting to see things, albeit in short clips, that until then Iíd only been able to read about...


IT! The Terror from Beyond Space

As the count-down to launch ticks off, the camera pans away, revealing the shadow of something monstrous lurking at the back of the ship's cargo hold. And then the sparkler's lit, and The Challenge-142 rockets back to Earth, the crew blissfully unaware that they have picked up an unwanted stowaway...


It Conquered the World

At the Command Center, Wilson is informed that the space probe has reappeared on radar. All seems nominal at first as the command crew tries to guide it safely back down -- but then they quickly lose control again and it crashes. And from the smoldering wreckage, something sinister crawls out...


It Came from Outer Space

Putnam blabs to everyone about what he saw and what's really buried at the bottom of the crater. Of course, no one believes him. Worse yet, the others quickly begin to question his mental capacity. But then, on the way back to town, Putnam has a close encounter with a large, glowing, one-eyed monster that suddenly appears right in the middle of the highway!