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Family (Homicidal) Plots!

And You Thought Your Family Had Issues...


Blood and Lace

Plagued with bad sound and murky visuals -- due to some sloppy day for night shooting, I still loved every stinky minute of this thing. Especially that ending. A weird, strange, and a bugaboo of a movie I'd hesitate to call it great but I'd earnestly recommend it to any genre fan who needs to see the movie that is so rightfully dubbed -- and should be celebrated as -- the sickest PG-Rated movie ever made!


Legacy of Blood

It's safe to say that it would take the death and the opportunity to bury their domineering, overbearing -- and soon to be revealed, psychotic -- father as the only thing that would bring all the estranged siblings of the Dean clan back together again. That, and greed has brought them home one last time. However, turns out dear old departed dad might just have the last laugh on all of them.


Blood Ruby

When production on this Exorcist knock-off began, the battle lines were soon drawn between the director and the producer. Seems the former wanted the film to focus on the doomed romance between the leads while the later wanted to focus on the possession, the murders, and the mayhem. Makes you kinda wonder if the story behind the movie isn't more interesting than what's on the screen, don't it?


A Bay of Blood

A film co-conspired by Mario Bava and actress Laura Betti while making Hatchet for a Honeymoon, the script went through several stages and five collaborators before the cameras finally rolled. Which is kinda amazing since it appears that Bava's only real desire, here, is to focus on the murders themselves as the plot that strings them together is convoluted, confusing, and makes Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep read like shampoo instructions!