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This is B-Fest

24-Hours of

B-Movie Nirvana


B-Fest 2002

From the Back Row: Confessions of a B-Fest Virgin


B-Fest 2003

It Came from the 1980's


B-Fest 2004

Agar, Alice and Airline Disasters


B-Fest 2005

The Apple Strikes Back


B-Fest 2006

Bob Clark Armageddon


B-Fest 2007

I'll Stop the Fest and Melt With You.


B-Fest 2008

On the Back-Burner.


B-Fest 2009

On the Other Back-Burner


B-Fest 2010

Oh, Hi B-Fest. You Are My Best Friend


B-Fest 2011

Aw nutz.


B-Fest 2012

The Noise and the Nerd Funk