Watch at Your Own Risk!

Not Responsible for Any Side Effects.


Our Rating System!

Just How Bad/Good is It?


Here's How This Works:

It's pretty simple, really. The fewer the cans, the better the film is. And as the rating cans multiply, the films get exponentially worse. So depending on how you look at these things, sometimes LESS is more of a good thing -- but sometimes MORE is what you're really craving. See. Simple.



One Can:

At least two brews ... 'cuz a good buzz never hurts.



Two Cans:

Four. Trust me ... you'll need them.



Three Cans:

A six-pack ... to fully appreciate

the cinematic ineptitude.



Four Cans:

At least a 12-pack ... just to make it to the end!



The Brain Bending

Vomit Bucket:

Every ounce of booze you can find.

(Luckily, you won't remember it come morning.)



The Dreaded

18th Amendment:

So gawdawful no amount of booze will help.

(Watch once, and only once. Liable to scare ya sober.)



The Demented

21st Amendment:

To be enjoyed forever in drunken perpetuity.

(And quite possibly the greatest film of all time!)