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What You Will Find Here:

Reviews and rants concerning B-movies, cult films, wannabe cult films, guilty pleasures, and other things cinematically challenged. However, I will offer this...


My spelling sucks, my punctuation is appalling -- and my grammar is even worse, so please humor me and forgive all atrocities committed against the English language.

Thank You.          

The Management


Our Inspiration:

"This movie was shot in 3-B: Three beers and it looks pretty good, eh."

Bob McKenzie      

Strange Brew        


Our Mission Statement:

Alright, I'll admit it: I'm a B-Movie fanatic.

Why do I love Ďem?

Is it the cheap sets? The bad acting, costumes and props? The continuity errors, or Swiss Cheese plots with the holes big enough that you can drive a semi-truck through them? Who knows. Probably all of the above.

But the ones I truly enjoy are where the creators -- despite budget limitations, or general lack of any discernable talent -- manage to turn out a decent, if not-quite-spectacular film.

As long as its earnest with its intentions, if not in the execution, then thatís good enough for me.

However, let it be known that even I have my limits. Donít get me wrong. I love the ineptitude, and the more idiotic the better. It can be terrible, hilarious -- or even inspiring, but the one thing it canít be is BORING!

I donít care how gawd-stinking awful the film is, if some form of genuine entertainment can be wrung from it, then I say by all means pop it in, adjust the tracking, and then turn out the lights (where applicable) and lets all wallow in the badness together.

   Chad Plambeck       

Website Wrangler   



Our Dubbing Policy:

What is our dubbing policy? Simple. There is no dubbing policy. Why? I don't dub. There. Simple.

As much as I'd love to help out and spread the joy of these fine examples of one-lung cinema, I -- as a rule, do not make dubs of films. Therefore I also -- as a reciprocating rule, don't ask other websites to make dubs of things that I need.

And it's not because I'm an evil or lazy person. Honest. It all has to do with time constraints -- believe me, you're not the only one asking -- the lack of vital equipment needed to dub, and the fact that it's not really all that legal.

I do get a lot of requests for films that were never released on video or DVD, or are now long out of print. All I can say is that I managed to somehow track these things down without asking for a dub, and with a little effort, you can, too.

My advice: keep searching the bargain bins, online auctions, and Rare Video Outlets on the web -- and also keep a sharp eye on your local cable listings. I have faith in your skills. And wish you luck in your search.

Good hunting!